Roberta (A.K.A. Bobbie) Bonness church hill Tennessee Review


SAINT BERNARD BUYERS BEWARE!!! nGot collar?? Got leash??? Got crate??? GOT training CLASS set UP?? WE do BUT we HAVE no PUPPY! nMy name is Laura we planned to buy my little girl who was turning 7 a saint bernard puppy for her Birthday.nShe herself went onto a website called and she her self found a saint bernard puppy. nMy little girl fell in love with the picture of it. I contacted the breeder right away and told her who I wanted the puppy for and why. This “woman”” heard my little girl in the back ground and told me “” don’t worry Honey

I am a good Christain women and a grandmother you do not have to worry about buying your puppy from me.”” nWe went to the post office got a money order and over nighted it to her as per our agreement. I myself then sent her the tracking number and money order info that she asked me for. nSunday morning she phoned my home and left us a voice mail telling me she had sold my little girls puppy!!!!! nI called her RIGHT back to find out why she had sold my pup and to ask when my family would be getting our money order back for $550.00 nShe to date has never returned my calls or e-mails I am going threw the post master in Wellington Ohio (Jim) to TRY and get them to get her to give my family it’s mone back!!nthis is her e-mail…nFrom: Roberta Bonness nTo: the dxxxxs nSent: Thursday

June 08

2006 10:29 PMnSubject: Re: Bobbie nDear Laura

n These pics were taken today of the female with the monk’s cap. She is very sweet. I don’t have a Pay-Pal account

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