Robin Hernandez Lutz, Florida Florida


Yes, I am airing out the dirty laundry. This Home Wrecker needs to be exposed. Ladies in Tampa, Florida BEWARE of this predator! || I have been married for 20 years. Two years ago my husband started having an affair with a Robin Hernandez he met at the gym. They started in Feb and I discovered their affair in May. His cell had hundreds of calls and texts from an unknown number. I called the number and introduced myself as the wife. Yes, my husband had lied to her about the status of our marriage. What cheater is going to be honest? I kicked him out of the house. He begged for forgiveness…blah blah blah. Since there was a teenager involved, we decided to work on our marriage. He swore he was done with her. In July, his truck was parked in her driveway at 5 in the morning. More tears, more lies, he was so sorry and that he loved me and didn’t want to lose me or the family. I continued to catch him in more lies of his whereabouts. He bought a second cell phone so I wouldn’t track his calls. I approached her on several occasions to let her know that he was very married and she was a home wrecker who continues to spread his legs for him. She got his named tattooed on her and she tried to commit suicide when he tried to break up with her. We are on 2+ years of the same shit. The lies, the denial, the private cell, the disappearing of 24 hours at a time. We have separated but with the intentions of working on our marriage. I will not let him move back in the house until I am confident she is out of the picture for good. He has his own place now but sleeps on my couch almost every night. He keeps telling me that it is over and he wants his family back together again. However, she is still around waiting for him. She is at his beck and call. She has no regard for my son and her two teenage daughters involved. He is a piece of shit, but she is also to blame! She is knowingly involved with a married man. One word can describe such a woman: WHORE.

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