Rocking M Australian Shepherds New Glarus Wisconsin Review


I purchased an Australian Shepherd puppy from this person. She told me she had a couple litters a year and since has posted about 10 adult dogs that she breeds and from the more recent pictures appears to have quite a large breeding operation going on. As my puppy grew she looked more and more like she has Border Collie in her. Apparently someone else with a pup out of the same litter thought so as well and questioned the breeding to the AKC. They requested the breeder, Melinda to send DNA samples to prove the parents of the puppies. The AKC contacted her a number of times over several months with no response. They notified me that the time was running out and that the registration that I paid for and had at that time, would be revoked if they did not hear from her. I tried contacting her by phone and email, which she never returned my calls or answered my emails. The time for DNA expired and now I have an unregistered female that I paid a lot of money for. During that time I fell in love with her so could not give her up, but wanted her for breeding to my male and now cannot. Besides not being registered her confirmation is very poor with her back legs bowing way out and bad hips. Her hind dew claws were huge which I had removed. Not being registered, bad confirmation and bad hips is not a dog that should be bred. By the time I got her shipped to Wisconsin from Arkansas she was quite expensive for what she is and is not what I purchased. Melinda said she is a nurse. You would think a nurse would know better, but they do own a car dealership which might be where she learned to rip people off. Don’t buy a puppy from this breeder. They are not reputable. Shame on you Rocking M!

P. O. Box 211 Greenwood, Arkansas United States of America

479 650-6416

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