Rockwell Marketing, Inc. Review


They lure you in with ads that claim you could make a 1000/wk. During interviews they claim you would get paid training and promises of a base salary of 400/wk plus commisions. No benefits are offered but bonuses are given to top performers. The paid training is actually a 450 dollar bonus if you complete the 12 day training program. After accepting job you are given a contract to sign stating that to receive the bonus you cannot be late or miss a day for any reason. The job is not suppose to be cold calling because they give you a list of potential clients. However it turns out it is door to door cold calling. They expect you to work long hours , generally from 10:30am to 9pm 6 days a week. They hold back a week of pay so it is actually 3 weeks before you receive your first check. After taxes and 168 hrs I received my first check of 375 dollars. Sales are difficult my first week with my trainor we only made 2 sales for app 155 dollars in profit. You are required to pay for you own gas and must drive to your territory. I have lost money working very hard in the hot sun and rain for this company. They have a very high turnover of workers and offer very little in return. they are constantly recruiting to get free labor most potential recruits don’t make it through the training program which actually has you work solo by the second week. The longest lasting salespeople there occasionally make upwards of 500 week approximately 6 sales a far cry from the 1000 they claim. I asked about the 400 base plus commision you only can get it if you make a minimum of 4 sales a week or it is straight commission. What bs! Avoid working for this company at all costs. .

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