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If you are a young earning professional, who often goes on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, then youíre at the risk of being targeted by Rohini Mundra.

Rohini sells dreams. She will give you hope of immense financial freedom, and her team will not stop manipulating you until they leech every penny out of you.

I am writing this after a family friend of mine recently got caught up in Rohiniís pathetic scheme. If they had known what kind of a scammer Rohini Mundra actually is, they wouldíve never fallen for her lies. 

If this post saves even one person from becoming a victim of Rohiniís lies, my efforts will be worth it. Iím still in college and pursuing my bachelorís, and I took a lot of time to research and put together this article, please share it with your friends, it can save them thousands of rupees. 

Let me talk about multiple proofs of the Rohini Mundra scam

Is Rohini Mundra Legit? Short Answer: No!

My family friend isnít the only one who has fallen victim to Rohiniís scam. There are hundreds of other victims, and some of them have even shared their stories online.

But you probably havenít seen them because Rohiniís team has posted PR articles on big media websites like Hindustan Times to bury these. They know that if the truth gets out, no one will get manipulated by their scam. 

To ensure that those people get justice, Iím going to add all of their complaints and reviews here. Here they will get the exposure they deserve.

CAUTION: Rohini Mundraís Team Will Post Fake Comments

I noticed this on the Rohini Mundra complaint thread on 

The team who is responsible for marketing the scam of Rohini posted half a dozen of fake positive comments on that thread. Those commenters were calling swears and names to the original poster and calling him a troll even though the original post was very polite.

I have zero experience in this stuff, but it doesnít take a genius to notice that Rohiniís marketers are going to try to ruin this thread too. Why? Because they donít want you to know the harsh truth Iím sharing here. Please read the comments with a grain of salt. These scammers stoop to unimaginable levels to steal money from hard-working people like us.

Details Of The Rohini Mundra Scam

The image that Rohini tries to portray everywhere is shamelessly the opposite of reality. On her website she claims that she has ďimpactedĒ lakhs of people and thousands of entrepreneurs and 7 countries. What does she even mean by 7 countries? Itís just delusional to think that a small-time con-artist like Rohini would have any impact on any country let alone 7. This just goes to show what kind of dimwits actually work in Rohiniís team.

When you scroll past the pretty B&W picture of Rohini, youíll see the link to the TedX talk. 

Whenever we, normal people, see that someone has done a TED talk, we start to think that they must be extremely successful, because why else would TED invite them for a talk, right?


The truth is actually WAY different.

Scammers like Rohini actually do a ďTedXĒ talk, not a ďTEDĒ talk. The difference in name often gets unnoticed but both of these are way different.

Basically, anyone can give a TEDx talk, they just need to pay a fee to the TED team and theyíll even let a common man like me give a talk. It has ZERO value.

But what Rohini and her team market it like itís a big deal. 99% of people donít know the difference between TED and TEDx. I think the executives at TED have deliberately kept the difference so small so that they can earn big bucks from these con-artists. 

Now letís get back to the horribly designed website of Rohini.

After scrolling past the fake TED talk, youíll see a prompt to buy Rohiniís book, ďThe 1% Club: 7 Hacks to an XtraOrdinary LifeĒ for ~?500.

If you click on the irritating ďBuy Now @ INR 498Ē button, youíll be taken to a page where youíll see dozens of reviews of the book. Let me tell you something. ALL THESE REVIEWS ARE WRITTEN BY ROHINIíS FRIENDS & BRAINWASHED VICTIMS!

Donít believe me?

Letís dig deeper.

On the Amazon listing of the book, the top review is a 1-star review which calls the book a ripoff:

This is literally the top-voted review of the book on Amazon. 

Rohini doesnít want you to see this and thatís why she has started selling the book directly on her website because there she can choose which reviews to show and hide the ones she doesnít want to show.

This is a textbook scam. She doesnít want you to see the real reviews so she just buries them with fake positive ones.

Stop The Rohini Mundra Scam!

If you have been affected by the fraudulent scheme of Mundra, then please help me put a stop to her criminal behaviors.

Share this post with your friends and family who might be potential targets/victims of Rohiniís scam. You might save them from permanent financial ruin and trauma!

If you are a victim then please share your experience with everyone here. These scammers really hate it when their victims (like me and you) start spilling the beans.

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