Roman James Design + Build Review


I found Roman on the internet and he seemed professional and sincere. He really sounded like he knew what he was talking about too. I was taken aback when I met him, because he was more nice in person, but he seemed quite confident and so all was fine. In his contract, it states that I am going to be charged the designer’s net price and that I would never be charged more than retail. I did have a question about that as it was ambiguous to me. He explained in person, that sometimes he doesn’t get a discount, but in those cases will charge me the retail price. Otherwise, his discount is 40%. Aside from that there is a design fee of $375/hour. In person, he was rolling his eyes, about how other designer’s charge— “so complicated,” he said. His method is so “straightforward.” I went along with this, because it sounded like over-all, I was going to be privy to his designer’s discount. I am a quick decision maker, so this sounded like a great deal. What tipped me off is that yesterday, I received a chandelier for the dining room. Even at his “net,” the piece was bloody expensive. I don’t know what happened, but there was an original invoice in the box. What shocked me is that while I was billed $9,240 for the chandelier, the price she was charged was only $3,800! When I asked him about it, he wrote me back several hours later, that he had contacted the showroom, and what happened is that the original vendor had put in the invoice for the showroom by mistake. However, there was no mention of this “vendor” anywhere on the invoice. The invoice was clearly from the showroom to the designer. In addition, I’ve been getting monthly bills for the last 3 months which now total nearly $50,000! And this is for only two rooms, plus a few odds and ends! I have seen him 6 times and even with travel, this is not the time he spent. Did he spend another 60 hours? I am wracking my brain trying to figure out how he has spent that much time. He went on one shopping trip and did the two floor plans revisions galore. He did some estimates and everything sounded fine, and I gave him full payment as that is what he requires. Easy. Everything is on order or has been received. No problems or issues. I’m almost afraid to ask, but can you tell me what the hell is going on? Why would someone who claims to have built nice homes on his website be ripping me off? Well I found out that he didn’t design or build those homes. Check his references first.


  • Name: Roman James Design + Build
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Beverly Hils
  • Address: a8383 Wilshire Blvd, 8th Floor
  • Phone: 1.310.295.2281
  • Website:

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