STAY AWAY FROM ROMWE (!!! | ROMWE is your typical made in China junk quality online clothing store for women & girls. | I’ve ordered multiple items at my 11 year old daughter’s request only to be completely dissapointed and frustrated. Most items arrived defective. The items that didn’t arrive defective either fell apart when washed the first time or worn the first time. The products are absolute garbage. | As far as customer service, there is no service. I have no idea where or what the people are they call their customer service. There is no physical address listed anywhere on the website, there is no phone number listed anywhere to contact customer service. The only way to reach customer service is by filing a “ticket” and good luck getting an answer! If you do, you’ll get a robotic generated response that makes no sense of your actual inquiry. There is no return policy, no exchange policy, no anything policy with this company if you want to call it that. Supposedly they have some physical presence in New Jersey based on shipping labels. They do have a chat feature on their website but it is never functional. | If you do get the robotic generic response by opening a ticket, they’ll never honor or follow through on what they respond with. If you return the merchandise, some will be credited back to an online wallet they create for you so you can place another order and some items will never be credited and basically money lost. Save yourself time, money, frustration and dissappointment and NEVER WASTE ANY TIME OR MONEY SHOPPING AT US.ROMWE.COM | I’ve reported ROMWE to the SEC, FTC and FBI. They need to be shut down, they are 100% criminal.


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