Ron O’Brien Franklin County Peosecutor = Dirty Lawyer Hilliard Ohio


Complaint: I want everyone to know Ron O’Brien Franklin county Prosecutor is bad news. This man has taken oaths to protect and serve and will not do so when certain public officials are involved. Ron O;Brien as Franklin County Prosecutor has a duty to uphols the law equally. The Franklin county sheriffs Office has a jail in Columbus Ohio and many inmates are being tortured daily and even being killed. The Franklin county Sheriffs office has recently had several Deputys involved in fraud, theft, and forgery and the prosecutor refused to file charges. This is not only disgusting but a disgrace to the legal community. Ron O’Brien’s office prosecutes many fraud, theft, and forgery cases yet when Franklin County Sheriffs deputys commit crimes he turns his back. This is as dirty as it gets. BELOW ARE JUST A FEW LOCAL NEWS STORIES ABOUT HOW BAD THE FRANKLIN COUNTY JAIL IS…–deputies.html IF THATS NOT BAD ENOUGH HERE ARE SOME MORE… Tyrell Fuller Robert Krutko Edward Peterson excessive force.. Again these are just a few of the storys that are happening in the jail.. Also Ron O’Briens Asst. Prosecutors are liars. They lie, make stuff up, then change their storys several times. Here is a recording of a federal case currently going on.. krutko vs Franklin County This case was filed in Federal Court in Columbus Ohio. When this case was filed the Prosecutors lawyer was asked by the Federal Judge did the allegations in this complaint happen… ANSWER- NO They lost the arguements in Federal Court and appealed in the U.S. District Court Cincinnati Ohio. Within 3 minutes of the oral arguement the new Franklin County Prosecutors office lawyer told the courts .. YES WE DID TORTURE THIS MAN, WE DID LEAVE HIM IN A CELL FILLING WITH RAW SEWAGE WHILE HE WAS COVERED FROM HEAD TO TOE AND WHILE HE WAS CHOKING TO BREATHE WE TAUNTED HIM, CURSED AT HIM, HELD HIM IN THERE, YET WE DIDNT VIOLATE HIS CIVIL RIGHTS.. Ron O’Brien also is known for only trying cases he knows he can win so he can get his face on T.V. as the BIG lawyer hes not. You see a man who allows this to happen doesnt even have the balls to try this case himself because he knows he cant handle a real case he hides behind his desk while inmates are being tortured and killed.

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Address: 373 S. High St., 14th Floor Columbus, Ohio USA


Phone: (614) 525-3555

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