Rooms to Go Titusville Florida Review


I bought a living room set from rooms to go in 2010 with the couch unit having electric motors for the recliners . being worried that the motors might be a problem in the future i was assured by the salesman that they have not had a problem and they were guarented for life anyway, so as we know one broke, i reported it to room t go and got the runaround as usual call corprate office and got the same called store and was told by the person who said he was in charge not to complain its not his problem i told him i would come in and speak to his boss and was told i would be taken out for disturbing the peace.If rooms to go runs a business like this. my friends and all concerned should stay as far away a possible. also check out the complaints listed for rooms to go wish i did and i’am going to the store to see the “BOSS”””

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