Root of Happiness Kava Bar Review


The root of happiness kava bar in rancho cordova california, and now in davis california, Have been legally getting away with getting children high. They have been selling tea’s, tonics, and other forms such as pastes and tinctures of highly concentrated and highly addictive substances to both children and adults. This is just the start of their bad intentions. Travis Lowin and Tyler Blythe are the owners. They have been a part of KT Botanicals which is a company that also sells basically drugs that have not been approved by the FDA as well as banned by the US Government “Yet”. They serve up a drink called Kava, If you have ever read about this substance you will learn that it is horrible for your liver, as well as very intoxicating in high doses. Which is what they do. They had to change the name of one of their drinks called “The sledgehammer” due to a recent run in with the sennate or some kind of government agency. They changed it to “The cloud breaker”. so that it did not sound like it was to “Get High” from it. They serve a very dangerous and addictive substance that is just about as close to herion as you can get called Kratom. They have been known in the past for making such a potent extract of this substance called Kratom 200X. it was geting people high just as an oxycontin would or vicodin and even herion. You can research this drug and its negative effects all over the web. and these people are profiting off of selling it in a tea or even capsules they are phoenix brand kratom capsuls which Tyler Blythe has been a huge part of since that company started. They pack these kids in over the age of 18 most of the time not even checking their I.D. and serve them these drinks and substances with no warning of the risk of addiction leading to leathal withdrawls or liver damage. They are just asking to get sued. Now for the part that is going to blow your mind. They have been adding Coca leaves in to their drinks and pastes and tinctures to give it an even more addicting quality. Tyler carries a bag of coca leaves in his car along with a bunch of other illegal drugs at all times. He leaves the country often to locate these drugs and imports them back into the united states. and then laces the drinks, pastes, tinctures, and even tonics and teas with these coca leaf. They have ripped quite a few people off, and tyler usually sleeps with the under age girls that go in there and cheats on his girlfriend. he will break up with her long enough to get with them and then when he is done all of the sudden that girl is never seen again in the bar and him and his girlfriend are back together and together at the bar working again. These people are out there getting our kids and friends high and addicted to substances they practically know nothing about or what they are getting into. this should not be taken very lightly and should really be handled asap. .

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