Roper and Twardowsky Baltimore Maryland


Complaint: BEWARE OF ANGELA ROPER Would you want to retain a lawyer who abandons her clients? Anybody considering retaining Angela Roper should first read the following: I was a victim of consumer fraud in New Jersey. I was looking for an honest attorney to represent me regarding consumer fraud. The company/person refused to return my property to me, and they sued me for $7,500. I initially hired two attorneys, both of whom took my retainer and did nothing. Both times I found out from the court I was represented pro se. The second attorney did not even show up for a hearing, and a judgment was entered against me for the $7,500. I hired the firm to vacate the judgment, and to counterclaim for the value of my property. I had a witness who was deposed for 9 hours. The firm switched lawyers on me 3 times, and in the transition lost important evidence, both from my witness, and also important prices realized related to the valuation of my property. The day of trial I was refused a jury trial as promised. The day of trial I was told they would not use my witness “because you know your witness and the judge will look unfavorable on it.”” I could not win my case without any witness. The judge said I should have had a witness. He said the Court could not award damages since my claim did not include bailment. His counterclaim was worthless. I lost over $126

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Address: 000 in property and I was charged $57

Website: saying she was too busy. Roper did not even have the decency or ethics to refer me to another attorney. She made it impossible for me to find another lawyer

Phone: 000 to get a $7

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