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Interface 5 LLC and/or ICP Photo Pros LLC and Talent Search Scam. Interface Talent Agency is a front for a calculated rip-off of naive parents, and is headed in part by a young woman of dubious morals and ethics, by name of Rosalyn Chesky. Chesky is a graduate of Wheaton College of Massachusetts (2008-2012) and is the Vice President of InterFACE of Development and Marketing. Chesky, who speaks Russian, has talent scouts who comb the malls and shopping centers in Maryland and other states, who engage parents in flattering banter about the beauty and talent of their children. These scouts, nothing more than confidence men or women, then bring the hapless parent to the offices of InterFACE and cajole them into signing a one-sided InterFACE Talent Contract and immediately attempt to engage them in a photo-shoot with partner company ICP PHOTO PROS LLC, an exhorbitantly over-priced photo service company, which has its locations in the office of Interface, at the malls in which they operate the scam. Upon an immediate or scheduled photo-shoot, the victim immediately loses their deposit for “services” rendered and are then hounded for additional payment for allegedly scheduling other services at equally exhorbitant prices. In our case, my wife immediately called me from the Montgomery Mall to tell me of the InterFACE Service contract and I had her return to the mall to demand and receive the deposit of $ 775.00 dollars back from InterFACE and Rosalyn Chesky. Chesky and assistant Brittany Tober, refused to refund the deposit and insisted that we follow the instructions on the service contract as it regards the refund of our deposit. Under Federal Law (UCC), a consumer has three (3) days in which to cancel an agreement for goods or services in the US and it is enforceable in whole and not just in part. This is where the scam really begins. What InterFACE and Rosalyn Chesky do is agree to a refund but you have to follow “their rules” of the contract, which is in violation of Federal Law. They retain your deposit, and refuse to refund it. In accordance with their contract, I followed all refund procedures for said return of our deposit, but it was never returned. Within a month, the boiler-room operation if InterFACE and ICP Photo Pros LLC had moved on and to date, we have never received our refund. Additionally, numerous attempts were made by hackers, to empty our bank accounts and steal our financial information. They take your deposit and never have any intentions of returning it to their victims. Rosalyn Chesky is a scoundral and fancies herself a professional in media and in talent searches, but in reality, she is nothing but a con-artist and associates with people of dubious repute and origin. When I performed a back-ground check, her own brother, Phillip A. Chesky, denied knowing her and claimed “he had never heard of her”, and gave a different last name instead of Chesky. Public Records at the South Hadley, MA website, proved that he owns the property listed and other background searches, prove they are related. The Attorney General for the State of Maryland is reviewing the case, and I intend to prosecute InterFACE and Rosalyn Chesky for fraudulent practices and “fraud by conversion.” Chesky is a gutter-snipe and gives an air of professionalism while stealing deposits from unsuspecting parents. While she looks like a woman practicing the oldest profession in history, in reality, she is nothing more than a thief.

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