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Complaint: My first impression of Rosewood Realty was one of professionalism and honesty. I was extremely impressed with one of the realtors. She was patient and showed us multiple properties. She was genuinely dedicated to helping us find the perfect home. After we moved into the property, I was also very please when repairs were needed they were fixed within 48 hours. This was the case for about the first six months. However, I noticed that after the in-home inspection was conducted, there was a change in the level of customer service. We did recieve one condescending and poorly written letter explaining that the owners were not going to pay for lawn care. This letter about lawn care was the only derogatory coorespondence ever communicated or received. We extended all efforts to be in accordance with the rental aggreement. We were always cordial with office staff and communicated any problems in a timely manner. We also provided a greater than 30 day advance notice of our intention to not renew the lease. I was completely shocked when, after listing Rosewood Realty as a reference for another property, the application was denied due to multiple negative evaluations. The office reported that we paid rent late multiple times and had several yard violations. This was untrue and inaccurate reporting. Rosewood seems to be unable to give positive rental references. Also, there were also a few times when I spoke with office staff, they were very rude. Having lies told about your payment history is a substandard and damaging business practice. I would not waste my time renting from this company. Especially if your are military.

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Address: 501 Mary Esther Cut-Off Nw, #1 Internet United States of America



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