Ross Smith Capital Investment Fund Complaint


Anything may happen. Recently this website worked and I don’t know the reason why it doesn’t anymore. Yes, it probably expired (at least it says som even though according to different data it expires on 2022.12.21). For the last year, the website looked abandoned and useless. It was registered 10 years ago, so I doubt that within this period they scammed people without being noticed. Even though it’s not me who has to decide whether they were scammers or not. I looked through their website with help of a special service that scans sites and you always can see what it looked like one year ago, or more. Nothing special, to be honest. This company made the same mistakes as the others do and didn’t want to correct them. Well, maybe that’s why they didn’t succeed. Who knows though. Maybe one day they will start working again. But you will have my review to decide.

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