Rotovac Corporation Reviews & Complaints


I purchased a website from rotovac over a year ago. It was very unprofessionally thrown together in 48 hours. It looked like something a child would do. I tried to work it out with them, but it is clear that they don”t stand behind their products and they rip business owners off that are trying to make a honest living. They will only respond if you go to the BBB or leave a review on yelp. They never will return your phone call. Linda Linkley and Chris Lund have screamed at me and hurled insults at me when I have tried to get professional customer service. Charles Munson told me Cliff Munson said don”t give my refund unless I removed my complaint from the BBB and the review off Yelp that I wrote. I made a conference call with my company without rotovac being aware. Employees of the company told lies that my refund had been returned as well as other unprofessional behavior. I asked the credit card company if they had enough info to wrap the investigation up. Charles Munson misled totally about the website, and lied about having professional website builders. They have someone that comes in part-time, and this person has little to no experience in website building. Rotovac has reviews all over the web for ripping business owners off. I asked Charles Munson why did they do me like this when I have spent thousands on equipment from rotovac. I believed you all how did this happen to me. He gave me a short dry sorry. They owe me a refund at 20% plus some kind of compensation for the product not performing as advertised. I received no 1 year of website support or link support as promised in the advertising. I am also reporting the to the Federal Trade and Practice Commission. And I”m going to ask that they view the list of complaints thats piling up on the internet on rotovac. And calling Cliff Munson directly is jus more polite internet lies…I tried that before posting this review… I even waited 3 more days than I said I would. In business we spend money to advance and make more money. Not be bullied around by fraudulent tyrants who feels the world owes them something or you have to take a loss as the price of doing business because the Munsons represents themselves as business owners who are really scam artist.

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