Royal Beauty Spa Review


I do not recommend this spa. I went with my wife. I asked for a fairly simple haircut with photo support and I ended up with a mushroom cut with incredible inequalities on the head. The hairdresser doing her best was not comfortable with scissors. | During this time my wife was doing a hair care that ended with a cutting of the ends but without drying her hair. Never seen.!! | Finally she does a manicure / pedicure. What a surprise to find my hairdresser putting a nail polish. It’s complete rubbish. All this for $ 370 !!!!!!! A shame !! | Without forgetting the bad reception of the cashier who is interested only in your money rather than remembering good manners style hello / goodbye. | The laying of resin and the varnish was correctly carried out. But to avoid anyway just for the home And the price


  • Name: Royal Beauty Spa
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Miami Beach
  • Address: 1662 Collins Ave
  • Phone: 1 786-717-7353
  • Website:

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