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In late 2006 I commissioned a company WindowRama in Paphos, Cyprus to build me an American style home from wood and with external sidings made by Royal Europa Ltd, Poland for whom they were the Cyprus agents. They are a member company of the Royal Group, Canada. It was delivered on site late December and the external covering completed in March 2007. In August 2007 I reported to the builder that the external material had ‘Toasted’ in the heat of the sun. They inspected the property, accepted that there was a big problem and the material would need to be removed and replaced under the guarantee. They contacted Royal Europa and I supplied photographs of the problem material and the company said they would check the problem out with their experts. They did and reached the conclusion the the material was faulty and they needed to produce and test a replacement material that would survive the heat from the sun. Clearly they must have had a lot of problems with this material because they are not going to do that if I am the only complaintaint. After approximately a year and a half they, Royal Europa Ltd, did produce a new material and exported it to Cyprus and WindowRama, their agents, replaced the old material for the new. This was all done under the 10 year guarantee and the replacement was at no cost to myself. In October 2009 approximately ten months from the time of the replacement the new material showed signs of serious deformation, toasting, expansion amd breaking free from the interconection system employed in the design of the sidings. They twisted and flapped about in the wind and were exterenly unslightly plus the wooden material was now exposed to the rain. The problem was different but, indeed worse, to the original problem. By this time the builders, WindowRama, were no longer the agents for Royal Europa Ltd because of a big falling out and would and could not deal with the company again or so they said. I was left to contact the maker of the material direct and they seemed the be sympathetic to my problem and accepted that the material needed to be change as it had failed in a similar way to the first batch. In Decenber 2009 and again during 2010 I supplied them with all the photographs they needed and they said that they would be in contact in the near future. I even agreed to accept a different material which though they had asked me tto do this they did not provide it. During the early part of 2014 their export manager Mr Miroslaw Halabura, with whom I had been dealing since the start of the problem told me that they had invented yet another new material that due to it’s different design would now be fit for purpose and and was ready to be sent to Cyprus. He asked if their new agent, American Style Homes, could visit my home to survey the job and send him an estimate. I agreed of course and shortly after the top man of the said company had visited and reported back to Mr Halabura I received an email from Mr Halabura of Royal Europa Ltd. In this email he stated that the material was ready to be despatched and their agents would charge me 2,600.00 to remove the old product and replace it with the new. I replied questioning the fact that I was to be responsible for paying the cost of the work and that his company could not expect me to be liable for the cost of the second replacement. I have contacted the General Manager Mr Adam Warcho? and the President of the company Mr Bogus?aw Fusiek regarding this ridiculus view point and Mr Warchol sent an email via the export manager agreeing with his accessment but sadly the President deem it beneath him to reply. We are now in the middle of February 2015 and I have not seen any new material and they will not consider that they are responsible for the costs. On top of this the company is unwilling to supply me with a new standard 10 year guarantee on the replacement material so I am wondering how long they expect the new sidings to last if they ever supply and fit it. I will up load the photographs and I WARN everyone who may think of buying and building with material supplied by Royal Europa Ltd and perhaps other companies within the Royal Group to be VERY CAREFUL! The material supplied may well not be FIT for PURPOSE more than once and you will be considered responsible for the costs involved. .

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