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While on vacation in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) I was asked to come in and see a 1 hour vacation presentation. I was promised all kinds of Great vacations. I was also told what a Great and respectable company Royal Holiday is. And that a 5 star resort like BAVARO PRINCESS would not let them in other wise. nAfter 5 hours of a hard sell in which I was told many times that I could cancel my membership at any time and receive a FULL REFUND I signed. I was told by LUIS BRETON there signing officer and legal representative I can cancel at any time, no penalty and get a full refund. I was told by GIULIANNO MATA (cell 1-829-881-3757) that I can cancel anytime, that if I cancel in 6 months as long as I have not used my membership that I would receive a full refund. He even said that if I use the 30 000 points that I was given as a bonus as well as a free week I could still cancel and I would only lose my down payment. That with the free week and 30000 points I could have 4 weeks vacation anywhere for the small price or my down payment and that I could then cancel and that would be all I was out. nOrlando my sales person (cell 1-809-803-3561) also was pushing that I could cancel anytime as I was very unsure about signing. After signing I felt very uncomfortable so went in 2 days later to cancel, Only to be talked into looking it over and if I still wanted to cancel to call and they would look after canceling it! A ploy to get me out of the country and that was it. I have sent numerous emails and had countless phone calls and they refuse to cancel the contract. They have a 5 day cancel policy and refuse to cancel any contract! They only answer emails by phone calls even after I refused to deal with them on the phone as I wanted to document all interaction with them. nI was threatened on the phone with harassment in the form on emails, phone calls even was told that someone from Royal Holiday would kick in my door and then changed to pounding on my door to collect fees. This call was from PATRICK ST ANNE 1-809-689-6232 ext 231 Fax 1-809-689-6221 email [email protected] which after I confronted him with it in an email he said my point of view is something that does not exist. And not the conversation we had. WOW must have just been hallucinating!nThe only way to cancel my membership is to pay the remaining $9290 owing for something I have never used never will and was told I could cancel at any time. nBEWARE THIS COMPANY ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR SIGNATURE AND WILL HOUND YOU AND GO AFTER YOUR CREDIT RATING TO TRY TO BULLY YOU INTO PAYING!!!!! Google ROYAL HOLIDAY CONPLAINTS and you’ll see tons of people that this company has SCREWED! 10000 points is supposed to get you 1 week. After looking into it you’re lucky if it gets you 3 nights mid week in a lot or resorts! THIS CONPANY IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!! IF YOU SEE THIS COMPANY RUN! IF YOU SEE SOMEONE GO IN OR SIGN TELL THEM TO GOOGLE THE COMPANY AND GO IN AND CANCEL AND MAKE SURE THEY GET THE COMPANYS (LEGAL) FORM THAT THE CANCELED BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT BELEIVE A SINGLE WORD FROM ANYONE IN THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nIt is an ILLEGEL CONTRACT sold on lies with no disclaimer on the true policies of the company! They even offer an open bar and offer you drinks during the presentation! All I want is to cancel my contract and would love my down payment back $1846.5 American! Something I have written off as imposible and as a very expensive learning experence and will probably have a black mark on my otherwise perfect credit rating for the rest of my life as I refuse to pay anymore to this FRAUDULENT COMPANY!!!!!!!!! nCurtisnCalgary, AlbertaCanada

PMB #281, 5727 NW 7th Street Miami, Florida U.S.A.


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