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This company charged me 9,000 dollars for a bed that was NOT NATURAL at all!!!! When I removed the cover it was Glued together ! and it was not even real latex part of it was some kind of poly foam !!!! GLUE was NOT stated on their website! ALl natural is NOT TRUE. AND IT SMELLED BADLY AS WELL. Also when i tried to discuss with the owner TONY he YELLED at me. The warranty is 20 years and this bed was all of 3 years old! They are not reputable in my opinion and over charge on these products but he worst was when i was treated like garbage by TONY the owner!!! WHO YELLS at a customer and refuses to warranty after only 3 yrs on a $ 9,000 puchase and 20 yr warranty ????? ROYAL-PEDIC HAS NO INTEGRITY IN MY OPINION. the owner was arrogant and insulting.He insinuated that i had done something to the bed!!! HE BLAMED ME. He would not hear what I had to say and was belligerant to me. Maybe they dont count on peopLE taking off the cover of their bed and discovering a glued and inferior product! My opinion is STAY AWAY FROM ROYAL PEDIC BECASUE THEY DONT HONOR WARRANTIES AND THEY CERTIANLY DONT TREAT THE CUSTOMER WITH RESPECT. IN FACT IT IS THE OPPOSITE WAS MY EXPERIENCE. I WILL NEVER EVER PURCHASE ANOTHER PRODUCT MADE BY THEM . I FELT HUMILATED BY THE OWNER TONY, AND MADE TO FEEL AS THOUGH IT WAS MY FAULT .I DID NOT MAKE THIS MATRESS THEY DID ! BUYER BEWARE!

341N-Robertson Blvd Beverly Hills, California United States

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