Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Review


On the 26/6/2015 Lisa Callega from the RSPCA and Simon Roach from Victoria Police came to my home and stole my 13 year old West Highlan terror. My dog is 13 and he gets well looked afater. They stole him from my bedroom which he sleep every night. The reason they gave is he needs urgent vetinery Care. My dog is 13 and he is getting the very best care from me. They are just looking for business. PLEASE Do not donate money to the RSPCA. The steal and destroy peoples animals. In my case they used the police as intimidation tool and gave me the option for a last visit of my dog if I sign him over to them. I have cared for my dog for 13 years. My dog had FOOD, water and LOVE. my dog has never been awy for me longer than 1-2 day. My dog has been in a cage for 3 weeks..Is this not cruel. I have 80 year old + parents to have police with guns . PLEASE share your stories about the RSPCA. Lets expose them. Thank you for reading.

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