RP Funding Review


I contacted RP Funding to re-fi my residence in November, 2017. I explained at the time (as I have gone through this before several times) that I own my buisiness as a Chapter S corporation and that income / bank assets are one and the same. Also informed RP that I have owned my home in a Trust for almost 20 years. RP consistently contacted me for more documentation, which, although a pain, I understood the reason for and was able to supply within 24 hours of the request. Got approved but was then notified I had to pay an attorney for an “Opinion Letter” on the trust. NEVER encountered that before and told them “fine”, I would be happy to supply a copy of my trust to them for their in-house attorney to review but I’ll be damned if I would pay hundreds of dollars for some attorney to verify what I already know, all previous brokers had no problem with, or that anyone with an 8th grade education could verify just be reading the thing. Anyway…I ended up wasting my time with these incompetent “brokers”. My advice? Find a REPUTABLE company to deal with and don’t get sucked in by their radio ads. Almost forgot…I’m also out the $475 I paid for an appraisal up-front!


  • Name: RP Funding
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Maitland
  • Address: 500 Winderley Pl Suite 300
  • Phone: 888-648-4843
  • Website: www.rpfunding.com/

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