RTC Adventures Kingman Arizona Review


On June 18th 2014 we purchsed a Travel Service Membership. On June 19th we tried to book a trip to Boston. We couldn’t book it because we were not registered. Three weeks later we were activated. We did not know this was a rip off as when we tried to book out trip to Boston we were not actavatied. We were told by Ben Torres the sales rep. We could go to Jamaica for 1645.00 for two all inclusive air fair, room food, drinds for 7days and 8 nights. When I went to book my trip that was a big lie. We thought it was a good deal for us and our family. We were charged $5349.00 and we get nothing out of this. I have tried to get this fixed and our money back but it has failed.I call them with no call backs. Peoples names on letters that no longer work for them. I want this to go to a class action law suite. They are claming that the prices change from day to day. Well then don’t promise the price for something you can’t deliver. Ben Torres has lied to us and took our money with no results.

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