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Complaint: I would like you to know from the most sincere part of my being that your Ruby Tuesday Restaurant has been a part of my near neighborhood and that I am so glad that your organization has had the pleasure of doing business here in our town of Clarkston Michigan. When I left your restaurant on Sunday 12-21-08, as I have always done and bided my fair-wells, I drove to the Kroger’s store that is also located down the street not far from your restaurant and my home at Pine Knob Country Estates a very upscale area. In their I was so pleased to see that three of the women employees working at their cash registers, made sure that they had gotten my attention, twice, to say (Hi how are your doing it is good to see you again, ‘). Three of them, and I was not in line at the time, I was just walking by and it was obvious, it was pointed at me personally not a store greeting. I then remember shortly after that, they were the same persons I have had a small conversation with over the last five months, even though I had only been in the store three to four times during this time. Another gentlemen had also recognized me even though, I could not see him at first, he was behind me. But, I did catch on to the topic of his jesting in a joke shot over my social bow, this from him, to let me know that it was good to see me as he then said I will see you at the gym soon. I have only spoken to him three times for maybe five minutes since I joined the Great Lakes Athletic Club, one month ago; I do not know his name. I then realized that two of the women who spoke to me at Kroger’s, when I had become markedly ill as of week ago from the date of this letter for about a week and a half. This was just uplifting. I then stopped in my very near by Rite Aid store just up the road from your restaurant. Much to my surprise a girl had recognized me and asked how I was. I did recognize her as well. She had gone to another store with out me knowing it and had picked-up my prescription and went back to her store of origin and made sure I had this prescription when I came in; she had given it to me herself – that was two summers ago. With your Ruby Tuesdays I have frequented with Chrysler Finance Head quarts personnel, friends that I have known in resent three years, friends I have know for 23 years and all on numerous occasions. I myself, stop in about once a week, some times not so consistently, any day of the week, at any time between 5:00pm and 9:00pm. This does cover many slow times. One of the great things, is your restaurant is absolutely on my way home, three too four minutes from my residence, if I do not catch that light at Clarkston Rd. and Sashabaw. However, in the last four months, I have brought no one for a reason. That reason was to take out confusion. I have spoken to your staff on many, many, many, occasions. (I have spoken to them.) I know whom has kids, who is married, whom has step parents, who goes to what college, what they study, what year their in, and what they do for some fun. As of late, what they are doing for Christmas and much exedra, exedra, exedra I even know their names, the persons whose’ name I do not know, I still know about them, which I will not mention here because to single out is not by any means my point. My point is to address the staff in its entirety. When I first ate at your restaurant, I thought your manager was just wonderful. She handled the event of me nearly swallowing the entire corner of the plastic potato bag that was left in my dinner potato’s for me to eat just wonderfully, and that was a long time ago. I was not upset by it by any means, kind of sporty on my part. I never thought of even taking legal action. I would not do this. Why you may ask? Because I was the assistant manager of a Top ranking Jazz and Blues Showcase Restaurant in down Detroit named, The Soup Kitchen. This was owned by Dave Garish and Brian McDonald for many years. Unfortunately, the Casinos that were to be built in their location never happened and they were forced to close anyway. Their, I had played and met all the greats; including BB-King and many others like him. I now have consulted too 23 corporations/divisions in IT, Business, IT-Audits and own three. I know from this experience, things just cannot always go right and you wind-up relying on the grace of others. I have had many-repeated conversation with your staff. (I have had conversation with your staff); I have mentioned now twice. However, for some reason felt just a little funny every time I have gone their. Today on Sunday 12-21-08 evening, I found my self there again as (many) other times sitting in the same area with the same faces that I have had many of these sharing experiences with. Then, as with the kindness I have always given I inquired. This was actually a second different attempted. Last week I did it a little differently and with another and asked when I had given her, a remarkable favorable reference to Celine Dion. One of the greatest wemen of (every ones time). They could not remember that conversation, with out a complete exercise of the circumstance and yet I had spoken with this individual on many occasions. Not that subject but, any other subject matter that had to do with me and that had been the matters of subjects revisited with me on numerous occasions, over various circumstances, as with them to me. I then raised the idea of a portrayed position on their part as to example, the level of involvement from their person as to my frequenting with their presents, they were somewhat astonished of the time/date laps and had it wrong anyway, I made no point as to this to them. This is just the repeated experiences that has, been given to me from them as such in my small example above. It is just amazing the topics of experiences I have had with your staff. I pretty much stick with the same dish and tip a minimum of 25%. We as well, at the Soup Kitchen, back in the day, had many of individuals whom have frequented and knew just everything they represented Hi John!; Hay, Bob- great to see you and Carol What was the funny feeling? Not realizing it before and do not know why logically but, what turned out to be the degradation and sickening flood of the realization that not (one) of your staff could remember one single solitary thing about (ME) – Not even My Name. Of course, I do not see how they would, I have only been experiencing them since (March 2005) in other words, for the last three years, when I purchased my home and moved there. I ask you, by all of God’s graces; How your staff could be so sickingly disregarding. Today, I was told, after some prodding on my part, which my name was actually (guessed), as Kevin – no (last name). Then informed by that person that, (I only remembered it from your credit card) not my person, my (credit card). They could not even tell me if it was a personal credit card or a business credit card. I always pay with the Business card. Your manager, whom I have seen countless times, never even acknowledged me. I can greatly prove the first date, by my Card Statements and can just as easily introduce you to the persons whom addressed me, after I left your restaurant. Just so you know, I sit at the bar 98% of the time everyone can see me. The persons involved with me at your restaurant are the same, time and again. At the (((Redacted))) just down the street from you, not only do they know my name, they know what I do, where I live, they talk to me as they do others, they are incredibly busy most of the time. They give me things with out even asking. This is the real shocker, (I do not drink Coffee there). I have purchased exactly two pieces of banana bread, one time for some one else, and two hot chocolates, since last spring when I finally started visiting their. I have never tipped them, and yet they have done the above and we enjoy our company as do all, that visit their. They even notice if too much time passes if they have not seen me and then mention it to me. Why do I go their? I use their internet connection when I am in a rush traveling up and down I-75; but I sure as hell tell every one else to go their. At your restaurant this night, after I was given my bill, I looked at it, and thought, looked around, and thought some more. In the Gratuity portion I wrote the word ( Really ). The word Gratuity actually means (Privilege) really? As to receive a thank you? I do not remember, now that I think of it, when the last time that was. None of them even put it on the receipt. Not so much as a smiley face (?) I can get that at the Coney Island also, just down the road. For some reason I realized last week I was treated four times better their. I started their two years ago and have been a dozen times, far less than your restaurant but, I will be darned it they do not recognize me, as they do ad behave accordingly with out effort. They know I only have wheat toast. On Saturday morning, I did my business banking at the Huntington Bank on M-59 in Waterford. I went there because, I remembered a Bob Evans restaurant across the street from going to the same bank last week. I have been to this chain before They are a complete mad house in the mornings through mid-day, I sat at the breakfast bar. The staff, old friends, they shared things with me as if I had known them from before, even though I had never met them. Tonight, seven virtual strangers, in the same night, were of human fortitude and acknowledgement from what could be by comparison, as to one contact, against the many countless contacts of your staff – Through them, these virtual strangers, I was a person to have worth. How is your stomach now? If I had done this through 23 corporations/divisions and my three running businesses, I would not have a friend in the world nor trust nor loyalty nor humanity. Kbruby carkston, MichiganU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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Address: 6898 SASHABAW RD Clarkston, Michigan U.S.A.


Phone: 248-625-2008

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