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I applied for the role of a Social Media Blogger for Ruck London, as an Intern. I was successful and was invited along for a meeting which was at his house, where he kept me for several hours, on our first initial meeting, and made to carry out various duties for him, and was upset that I had to leave in a few hours. He offered me the role and said tomorrow I would have to go along to a fashion event and talk to some people, alone. I explained I had no experience at events such as these, he said “Not to worry, but go anyway”, I returned home, still unsure if I were to take this position up or not, in the morning I called him explaining that due to these events being so last minute, I couldn’t attend as I had other commitments that day. This is when he (Bart Watson) expressed really horrible behaviour towards me, say “What could you possibly be doing that’s so important?” When I explained my day ahead, he then said “That’s utter Bull****!” I was quite frightened and upset, and the concern still remains as I know he used your website to upload this job and is still doing so, and could do something horrible to someone else and he possess my address as it is displayed on my CV. Nylah Collins

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