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I made a purchase from Ruffknits in June of 2010. It took over a month to receive the order. I opened it immediately only to find that half the order was wrong and half was missing. I immediately phoned Ms. Shelley Peever and she apologized for the error and insisted that the rest of the order would be out in the next week. I live 1 province away – but I still gave her over 2 weeks to deliver the items. nAt the end of August I started phoning and email daily – with never a response. I know that the emails were read as “read”” copies were returned to me (I have kept all paperwork). nI also contacted the “”retailers”” that were posted on the website to see if any of them had an alternate contact number. To my surprise

those that did answer me were astonished to hear that they were listed as retailers of apparel! nI then turned to the Better Business Bureau to see if they could help. They attempted twice but refused to answer. nI guess now my only hope is small claims court. nI urge anyone thinking of purchasing from this company to first check their BBB rating and then decide if going forward is wise.”

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