rvfridgehouse Alpharetta Georgia Review


Purchased a cooling unit for my norcold camper fridge on 10/22/2015. I had to call them back on 10/31/2015 to say that I had asked for the the wrong model. My model was actually the smaller norcold unit. I was told no problem. We can stop the shipment and send you the correct unit, I was told. I made the mistake of allowing them to process a check over the phone. He wouldn’t take a credit card because he claimed that this only increased expense. The net result is that the check cleared my bank for $465 on 10/22/2015. I have yet to see the unit and it is 11/19/2015 as of this post. I have called five times this week and I get someone who claims to be the after hours answering service. During separate calls to rvfridgehouse I’ve been told that the owner is sick, the electricity was out, it takes time to process a run of units but nobody has been able to tell me exactly what has become of my order. I’ve called three times in the last 36 hours in an attempt to get a tracking number or my money back. I’m only getting an answering service now. The guy even argued with me when I questioned why so long on the delivery. Either they really have no clue about customer service or this is a real scam. Given that they know how to protect the money by tricking you into using a check instead of a credit card I think they are becoming professional scam artist instead. DO NOT GIVE THEM A CHECK ON THE UNIT. They probably learned that the credit card companys will come after them. Well this guys is about to come after them with every legal recourse that I can. Consumer beware!

301 E Parker Street Plumerville, Arkansas USA



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