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I am the owner of an auto parts seller. We have been in business less than 1 year and we are already shipping minimum of 5 packages per day, to the tune of about 10k a month as these boxes are large. We always pay Fedex for the “Insurance” on the packages however Fedex always deems our packaging inadequate. Fedex even sent a “package expert” out to advise on how to package our items better. She couldn’t provide us any better suggestions on how to package our items without them getting damaged. All of our boxes are shipped in double walled boxes, with foam, small bubble and large bubble. We continue to jump though Fedex’s hoops by providing more pictures of the box and packaging however every letter we get in the mail from them is just another, we are sorry but we cannot pay your claim. These damaged are KILLING us as a business. Not only are we losing the value of the item but more than half of the time our customers cancel then we are stuck with the refund. Just today we had an item ship less than 200 miles from us, however it arrived damaged. The item cost us $500 and the customer wants a refund now which will be $1200, so we are now out $1700. Currently Fedex owes us over $7k in just damged items. The amount this has actually cost us as a business would be around $25,000 I estimate. Our damage claims are continuing to pile up and go as far back as November of 2014. Oddly enough Fedex only has paid us on claims that we did not have a declared value on. They will issue checks for $100 but as soon as we start talking about $400+ the claims will be denied. Posting here in a hope that someone can help me recover some of our lost money before we take Fedex to court.

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