Sabans Peoria Arizona


Complaint: I needed a car to rent using only a debit card. Our search ended at Sabans. We were told not to go out of Arizona. It was not our intentions but we did anyway. Allegedly there is a satellite system that lets them know if a car leaves the state. We had our phones, no call. The car rental is 350.00 and he wanted 200 dollar deposit so they took 550 dollars from our bank account. The car was rented on the 3rd of May and returned on the 11th. I was driving to Sabans to pay for another week. I stopped for a couple minutes at a friends. While I was there Sabans took my car. They didn’t try to call of write. Just stole ,the rental car. I asked them if they picked up the car their answer was no call the impound lot and call back on Monday cause they are closed. Well Chad finally changed his tune and said he had the car impounded and when we gave hin 440.00 he would release the contents of the car. He was holding my personal belongings untill he had payment. I paid him an additional 500.00. I needed My stuff, The receipt was my original contract and that was altered to show a two week rental plus 10 days of additional insurance, Today is the eighth day. Why did I have to pay for the additional days and whose keeping the mmoney. our total bill for an 8 year old car is 994.13 for eight days….( i have the receipt to prove it) Tom Peoria, ArizonaU.S.A.

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Address: 2934 E. McDowell Phornix, Arizona U.S.A.


Phone: 602 269 9316

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