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on October 9, 2010 I found and ad for a mobile home in sacandaga meadows, I called the park and told me the home was still indeed for sale so after discussing the terms they said i could own the home for $1200.00 so i laid down the money and was given a hand written bill of sale for the home as it was a 1972 model and the dmv does not issue titles for mobile homes that age. So i went back to where i was living across the state to grab my stuff to move assuming everything was safe and above board i mean they had NYS dealer info on their walls so i didnt think they would be so dishonest. On the following Wednesday i called them to let them know that i was on my way to move in the home i had purchased. They informed me at that time that they had sold the home to another buyer who had laid down a years worth of lot rent up front i informed them at this time that was in breach of our purchase contract they stated that they didn’t care and that they had to look out for their own self interests. So I demanded my money back from them and they told me that it was not going to happen it was non refundable however i brought up the fact i had a contract for the purchase of the home at that time they stated that they had purposely put down bad information on the contract. If you don’t need your money then these are the people for you to deal with me I am an army veteran trying to help my family survive he knew this and still scammed me.

427 union mills road broadalbin, New York United States of America


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