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I am letting everyone know that safeguards are stealing values from foreclosed homes. I was a victim on April 17, 2010. I had a mortgage loan through Citifinancial Mortgage Company, and they gave me a time frame to evacuate my house. I had to evacuate my house by April 19, 2010. When I came home on April 17th everything was gone from my house (kitchen appliances, washer and dryer and etc.) They came through the front door of the house and change the lock on the door. My husband call the police and an officer came to the house. The officer said “no robbery is not going to have time to put a different lock on the door. He said

this sound like an civil action. We have taking Citifinancial back to court

of course they denied the actions that has taking place. We tried getting in contact with safeguards but of course they are many locations. Something needs to be done about safeguard stealing values. People have lost their homes and then to know that your values have been stoling. This is a terrible feeling to lose your home and also everything that was in it. Can we get some help here? Imagine yourself

losing everything you worked hard for. Now you have to work even harder to get it back. I just need someone to hear us out and to understand this sad situation. Can we get some justice? This will stop them for stealing people values. Thank you for hearing my case and hopefully we can put a stop to this.”

ypsilanti, Michigan United States of America

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