Safeguard Properties westfield New Jersey Review


For the past Six months, I’ve tried to contact Safeguard Properties about a Bank of America / Countrywide Mortgage Property in Foreclosure, to get them to show up and repair the yard and trees and other maintenance.I’ve been told off by their phone reps, and now find their online form on their website does not submit.There is no way to get them to do the work they contracted with Bank of America to do.I am at the point of wanting to sue Bank of America as all kinds of weird vines and weird weeds are spreading from their property onto mine. Rats and Bugs infest the property, and there hasn’t been a maintenance at that location in a year. They are continuing to cause financial damage to my yard and home.I’ve written to them. I’m about ready to file complaints with the town.I’ve spoken with others who say the same thing: its a SHAM.

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