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Complaint: Most awful experience at what used to be a good place. Twice before I have had my u201804 Ford Lariat extended cab Mike Shanahan limited edition truck windshield replaced by (Elite) Safelite Auto Glass. Both times were just usual get it in get it done good job and windshield worked fine for a few years because this is Colorado and for the newly arrived you will find out why they only last a few years. First they said it would take two hours for the job to be done although the installation time quoted and prior experiences were aprox an hour because they couldnu2019t release it to me when done and had to sit for an hour due to my protection in case of a vehicular accident. Ok, thatu2019s new and wonder just how they ensure when it is a mobile installation that their u2018mandatory safety concernu2019 is adhered to wink wink right sure it is. Second after it was pulled in the bay the technician came out all serious like and told me he had some real concerns about my vehicle. I’m thinking, ok, I know the windshield is cracked from the winter gravel chips and summer gravel haulers plus constant hot/cold cycles as it did snow here in May but isnu2019t that why I’m here? The Tech said he needed to go over the issues before he could authorize the work to be done. Now I donu2019t blame the Tech personally because I am sure the u2018managementu2019 is aware of and promotes what is said and done and I donu2019t want a guy just trying to make a living to be the fall guy. So the tech showed me the plastic cover that houses the windshield wipers and said it has been sun damaged and asked if I realized that safety concern. Really? The vehicle is at over 5-10k feet elevations and the sun commonly here will do that, doh! Are my windshield wipers going to quit or what are you saying? Then where there was a spot of blistered paint w some rust aprox 1 x 1.5 +/- inch from rock chip and weathering due to mag chloride and again this is Colorado! He told me, no kidding, when I pull the windshield out if there is any rust behind that paint blister I am going to have your truck towed because of safety issues. OMG (sic). I stopped him right there told him to pull my truck out and park it. I went to the desk and told them I wasnu2019t having the work done there and told them anytime that someone Iu2019m paying to do work for me threatens that they are going to tow my vehicle off premises they shouldnu2019t expect to keep or get any more business. Just curious Safelite, under what legal right of authority and to where and to whom would you expect to take control of my property and for how long? How did you realistically expect to remove my property from my possession and what would be the manner you have established to then get the vehicle back to the owner? Who would pay for the towing and the impound fees and the rental vehicle needed while itu2019s u2018out of service due to Safeliteu2019? Who would make the judgement and decision on what work would be performed and by whom and at what cost to whom and in what time frame? Would you Safelite since you would have initiated the tow and therefor have ownership and control of all subsequent events and all this for a rock chip paint blister?! (see attached pic) I told them evidently they have never worked on collector cars or used vehicles at any step of their life cycle cause they must do a lot of illegal car confiscations LMAO (seriously) When I got home I called AutoNation Ford and talked to the service manager and asked about the windshield cover. His reply u2018 it is cosmetic and has no integrity as related to the windshieldu2019. I asked about the rock chip w the paint blemish and rust spot (see attached pic) and his reply u2018 the seal holds and maintains the windshield integrity. Tell them not to touch the blemish and just leave it alone.u2019 I know heu2019s just the service manager for one of the largest Ford dealers in a large US metro area but Ford has never threatened to tow my vehicle when I have had them work for me on it. A little history, I bought this vehicle new and every time someone sees or does any work on it they give me compliments about the condition and how it is obviously maintained. It is in very good condition inside and out even mechanically as I donu2019t scrimp including having used Mobil 1 synthetics from the front to back and have all the service records. (see attached pics) I have worked and restored a lowered u201975 GMC step side w tilt and driveline done by Ventura Offshore, u201969 Firebird 350HO that went to a collector for auto shows, u201955 Studebaker Champion w green tint glass and Pima Red paint, a u201972 Q code Cobra Jet convertible that people actually clapped when it went by, couple BMru2019s w BBS knock off spinners, magna fluxed, over sized injectors, special ordered Dunlops etc . . So with the above I know vehicles and I know BS when I see and hear it. Please do yourself a huge favor and steer (pun intended) clear of this place and their stories and games and if they threaten to tow your one owner special edition F150 because of some blister on the roof, do what I should have done, call the Police. And yes Virginia, when I left, I and my truck proudly told them to kiss my a_ _.

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