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I spoke to one of your advisors on the phone today. I told them about the constant problems Iíve had with my windows and was informed my gaurantee was up. I have been working abroad for the last 4yrs but have called you on my wifeís behalf at least twice a year to complain but surprise surprise you have no recollection of my calls. Every winter the blinds in my living room sway from side to side due to the window frames not being fitted properly, my upstairs window is full of condensation due to the seels being broke, and my downstairs side window on the main frame wonít open due to the handle being broke. This is a major concern as I have three young girls in the house and think this is a major fire hazard. When I spoke to your advisor all she said was that itís not your issue as my warranty had run out, but it hadnít run out when I was calling you up over my complaints the last 4yrs. I asked about someone fixing the issues and I would pay but all she said is we donít do repairs as your gaurantee is up. I find this outrageous as nothing is said about this in the contract we signed. I hope to hear from you soon as I am very upset about this and will be contacting my local newspaper (Liverpool Echo) to let them warn people about your services or lack of them in this instance

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