Safeway Coos Bay OR Review


On 1/15/02 I made a special trip into town to shop at the Coquille Oregon Safeway Safeway store after my mother informed me she had bought some General Mills cereal and the price ended up being a $1 a box per their ad. The ad stated 3 boxes for $6 and in small print said limit 6 including 3 free. This told me their intent was to give me 3 free when I buy 3 boxes of cereal. My 6 boxes were rang up and my total for the cereal was $12. I challenged this price with the checkers and referred to their ad. They insisted it was a misprint and they would not be able to sell the cereal at the advertised price. nI informed them they had made a sale earlier to my mother and another to a friend and they were not hassled over the price. Although it was only $6, it was MY $6 along with my time and travel expense. I dont know if there is any law protecting the consumer over this type of thing but I would be very interested in any information others have to share on this topic. I fully intend on talking with the local manager and the corporate office about this issue. nI feel that more and more I am getting ripped off because prices are entered incorrectly into the computers. Is this an honest mistake or are the stores intentionally trying to rip me off? It’s really hard to say, but somehow the mistakes are always in the stores favor.

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