Saltillo Imports Inc Review


I’ll start this report by saying that i was introduced to this store by a relative that had used their service before. | I was in the process of renovating my home and i went to saltillo imports, best known as saltillo tiles to choose the tiles for my floors throught the house as well as my bathrooms. The lady at the showroom, rohodora was at first approach friendly and helpful although she had a bit of attitude towards my wife and i, making us feel uncomfortable at times. | However, we found what we looked for and proceeded with the order which was paid in cash. | After the order was delivered, the tile installer realized that the whole set of tiles for the main floors Approx. 600 sq.Ft.) were warped and he couldn’t use them – so we decided to return the order. | The first phone call with the store ended up with them yelling and screaming while accusing us to have wasted their time. At this point i got the person who introduced me to them to give them a call and solve the issue for me. | This tentative failed as well and we also heard from our tile installer that the lady at the shop swore at us and called my wife a “cheap bit*h” just because we decided to return the order. | About a week later and several phone calls where the owner mike kept bulling and raising his voice on the phone, they told us to return the order to their warehouse and they would charge 20% restocking fee ($300 of a $1500 order). | I personally returned the order at the warehouse and while there, their employee called rohodora to confirm with her that the order was returned. Unfortuntately for her, the employee had her on speaker and i heard her say “kick that fu**ing guy out of there, he is wasting my fu**ing time”. Now, i needed two more tiles to finish the washroom so i politely waited for them and left with my blood boiling and super offended. | It’s very unfortunate that in 2017 a business in toronto should treat employees like this in order to keep doing business. | Two weeks later i was finally able to get hold of mike, the owner, Because her employee rohodora refused to return my calls and kept avoiding me) which invited me to their showroom to pick up the cheque. Of course he tried to pay me less that what he owed and charged about $200 restocking fees Normally other stores charge about $75). | Until the last second i was in that un-welcome store, he kept yelling and saying how i wasted his time. | There are many other stores that will treat your like their best client, stay away from these unprofessional people.


  • Name: Saltillo Imports Inc
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: North York, Ontario
  • Address: 115 Tycos Dr
  • Phone: 416-441-2224
  • Website:

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