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Complaint: Here is some dirt (there is plenty more) on the Salvation Army in Roanoke, VA Captain Ken Argot, Corps Officer: Where your donations REALLY go: Corps Officer base salary, free house to live in, free vehicles including all gas and maintenance, for him and his wife, all Federal, State, and Social Security taxes paid, all utilities paid, free laptop for each of them, many meals paid for him and his family, free college tuition for his children at any university in the country, top of the line cell phone, free medical insurance for his family, an allowance for each child he has, all life insurance and retirement paid for. A $ 30,000 base salary quickly turns into $ 120,000! Roanoke also has an Assistant Corps Officer, and he makes about half that number. All of this is paid for by Roanoke donors. The Salvation Army claims that 88% of all donations stay local. However, a very small portion of that actually goes to help people of the Roanoke Valley. The division that covers Roanoke includes over 30 local Corps. Multiply the above dollar amounts by 30, and you will see that the largest portion of donations goes to take care of the officers and their families, not the needy. This division has about 12 officers at its headquarters in Washington, DC. They make more than local officers. There are over 40 Salvation Army divisions in the United States. For most of the time that I was at the Roanoke Salvation Army, most of the people who came to us for help were turned away and told that “no funds were available.”” It is not hard to understand why. And they got rid of me to save money. Increased giving means more money for the officers to use for themselves. Also

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Address: for the five Christmas seasons I spent at The Salvation Army

Website: but have been unable to find a buyer. Any assistance would be helpful. Hope this helps. Please feel free to share this information with others. Thanks.”

Phone: all Christmas Kettle donations went to division headquarters

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