Sam’s Club – Wal-Mart Williamstown New Jersey Review


The Managers of Sam’s Club store 4722 are lying to all of their employees and members. We, the associates, were told there is no money in the budget to give us a yearly bonus, yet they have hired many new full time employees, who are making more to start than others who are more qualified or have been there for years and can do the same work. nThey Had the concrete floors sanded and waxed to shine for the members, put runners on the stairs to prevent associate accidents, and used our budget to buy a new floor cleaner, an outdoor electric cart pusher, and electric wheel carts for the disabled. The Managers also went on vacations with “their”” bonus money that they got for keeping the cost down and we got told there was nothing left in the funds for us. nThey cut hours every Thursday and Friday

send the cashiers home

while the store is crowded with lines out the door. FUNNY

they are never around when a member complains about the lines. nThere is this “”thing”” that is called “”the open door policy”” in which you can go to any manager anytime with a problem and they are supposed to listen and help you.nAll My Team ever got was laughed at by the managers. nSome associates work their tails off and are told that they are incompetent while others loaf around

complain all the time

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