Samsung vernon BC Review


We bought our dishwasher in may of 2018. Top of the line, paid over $1000 for it. At the same time, we purchased a bed set and a stove. Witin 3 weeks, it started flashing codes ad refusing to work.Repair man came, fixed somehtin, left. It broke again. Furniture store rpleplaced unit. New unit lasted 2 months, then same thing. Repairman calls up, starts yelling because samsung sent him the wrong codes, now he has to get anotehr part. There is only 1 reparman in this area. ( we are a town of 60,000). We have been waiting since after many many phone calls to Samsung and filing with the BBB, samsung said they were authorizing a return authorization. This would be sent to the store, in 7 to 10 buisness days. That was 3 weeks ago. Ive been calling and emailing them..and the latest respons I received when I called to ask about where the RA number was…was ” can I have your RA numer please””. Noooo Because I dont HAVE it. Still no follow through with samsung

as of feb 21


PO Box 303 STN Streetsville Mississauga , Ontario Canada


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