San Dimas Pet Grooming Review


This company posts and ad for Spay & Neuter your pets for a low cost,In the Magazine of Values, we have used them also to have our cats fixed and then on my recommendation my daughter took her cat to them. The cost is $85.00 for the service they then took her to the SNIP Clinic in Pasadena and represended the cat as Feral, yet when she had taken the kitty into the shop she gave them her name and in noway did she repersent that the cat was not a compaion animial. The climic in Pasadena does not charge for feral animals for to be fixed yet San Dimas Pet Grooming charged her $80.00 for a service that they got done for free. This poor cat had her ear tipped and I know that she was treated as a feral using a catch loop to get her out of the crate and she is totally tramitized at this point. This needs to be looked into cause god only knows how many other people have paid for a service that was done for free. This program SNIP is a program that runs on private funds and it is a total fraud for us to pay this store money then have none go to the program. And they would not have taken the cat in anyhow if they had known that is was a compain cat, she would have gone to the reqular clinic which they would have had to make and appt. With my daughter’s income she would have quaifiled for low income, which we would have gone under if we had known what was actually going on then, the APSA would have gotten at least some money for their programs. This company needs to be investigated they are placeing ad’s for services that they charge for then turn around and have things done for free. This a a total fraud. Please look into this cause I know that many people use them and I am sure that many of them would not be happy paying for a service that is done for free, and then have their animal come back totally tramitized. .

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