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I am a victim of Dr Moheb. The following is a list of EVERYTHING I received from Dr. Moheb: a botched dental implant, defective denture, and a bill for $8,000. I had become very despondent through the denture fittings, the partial fittings, over and over again, they never fit right, and I also have a titanium implant protruding from my gum just behind my upper lip.. Both Dr. Moheb and Dr. K offered refunds, so of course, after consideration of receiving less than quality care, i called the office to accept the refund offer. The financial officer was very happy to tell me they would refund me a whole $500. After 8 months of accomplished heartache and losing hope I terminated further procedures with UNLIMITED SMILES, I then contacted the credit card company that financed the procedure for the purpose of disputing the charges. The credit card company said it would take a couple of months for resolution and I would not be required to make any payments during this time. Well, low and behold, a few days after filing my dispute I get a letter from Dr. Moheb, advising me that, due to appointments I missed they would no longer want to provide further services. I NEVER MISSED AN APPOINTMENT. HOW DARE THEY, RIGHT? HOW DARE THEY!!! I am maimed, and I don’t know how much it’s gonna cost for another dentist to repair the damage created by Dr. Moheb. I will continue to add to my story because I am certain it is far from over. .

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