Sandra Carrier Mississippi Mississippi


My husband and I have been together for 10+ years. He started working out of town in October of 2012. I was pregnant at the time with our second child, while working full time and taking full care of our 1st child. Apparently he became lonely and”unappreciated” and decided he would go to online dating sites to find one night stands. He didn’t use his real name or our home town because that’s how secretive he wanted to be. Well in all this he met Sandra. At first she didn’t know he was married or anything but she was falling in”love” with him (I’m sorry but you can’t fall in love with someone in 3 months when you hardly are seeing them) and wanted to know more about him. So he sent her a picture that we had gotten professionally done and she facebooked the photographers name (which is my best friend) so at that time she found out he was MARRIED and had a baby ON THE WAY. She continued to talk to him and beg him to come see her. I never really suspected anything because he was gone all the time and when he was home I just needed a break from our 1st child and didn’t pay him much attention. I had our baby in February and she knew all about that too. But still kept on. || In May of 2013 is when I really started suspecting. He was home from work more, but always in his phone. Again, didn’t pay much attention, I had a new baby to take care of. I did check phone records and nothing was on there. He had a work phone that he was only able to use for work so I never thought much into that either. Just to show you how sneaky SHE was she bought him a sim card for the work phone to use to talk to her. Anyway, one day I went to use his phone and he freaked out. (He was using the KIK messenger app to talk to her and others) That was all the signs I needed right there. Then I really started snooping. I found out about her and confronted her and she started sending me texts saying” I knew this was going to happen that’s why I saved these”. I asked her if he said he would leave me for her and she said he always told her he would never leave me. So I asked her why on earth she would want to be with a married man who once it all hit the fan would not want her anymore. She never really had a response to that. She even had enough nerve to tell me he got her pregnant but she miscarried. Um no bitch you didn’t for one shes like almost 40 (I was 26) and she had gastric bypass surgery because she was so fat. She thought she was hurting me by telling me that I guess. But in reality, it made her look even more dumb because my husband told her she had to have an abortion. And she said she would. Really all she wanted was the money because he said he would go and pay for it and she told him they only took cash. But he didn’t go for that and then all the sudden she had the miscarriage. || Now as far as my husband we went to counseling and are STILL working on things. I’m not saying it will ever be perfect or that I will ever get over it but, I am trying. In the last year he has done everything he can to prove to me that this won’t happen again. And if it does then of course that will be the end. I’m just not one of those women that can divorce him for a mistake. A BIG mistake but still. Although I have told him he needs to be grateful for our son because had I not just had a second child, I’m not sure my emotions would have been there to try to work it out. So far so good. || Now Sandra is engaged and getting married. I’ll let Karma be the bitch! || OH and don’t let her pictures fool you, She is a BIG women.

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