Sandy’s Dry Cleaner Review


I met Sandy in the hall of my new office building and inquired about his services. I brought him into my office, introduced him to the 40+ employees we have and genuinely wanted to help the old man out. The first garment I brought him was a blazer with stains on the elbow. He did a fantastic job, so I brought him a bunch of Linen items after a vacation. He picked them up on Thursday and dropped them off on Monday, all was good, I thought. One week later, I opened my package to wear a shirt, and the first one was NOT my shirt. I was also missing at least one shirt of my own. | The next day I called him to explain my issue, and was immediately rebutted by Sandy saying, ďIíve been doing this 25 years, I donít make mistakes, I unpack and label each garment myself, You must be mistaken.Ē Taken back by this I responded by saying, ďI wouldnít be calling you if I didnít have someone elseís shirt. | Again he raised his voice to nearly a scream, defending his actions and lifetime in the business. At which point, I hung up the phone, knowing that arguing would do NO good. I would just wait till the next day when he makes his regular visit to my office. | He usually comes by around 3:00pm, but on this day he never showed up. I waited to 5:00pm. Mind you he hasnít missed a Monday or Thursday pick/drop-off since I welcomed him into our business. The following day(Friday) I called him numerous times. Some calls he sent to voicemail and others he let ring till voicemail picked up. After the 5th call, he answered. I asked him was this really how he does business? His response was, He didnít have time for irrelevant S*** like this, and continued to berate me, accusing me of not knowing what cloths I own or that someone must have slipped there shirt in my back. | Iíve disputed the CC charge and filed a small claims suit against him, just out of principle. Please stay far far away from this loser!


  • Name: Sandy’s Dry Cleaner
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Sunrise
  • Address: 3750 NW 120th Way
  • Phone: 954-684-4744
  • Website:

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