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Approx one year ago Easter Sara Freder appeared in my house out of body. I woke to her binding me. I recognized her picutre from the advertisement. A few days after that, I woke to her sending me pictures of 3 bats. Since then she has harassed inside of my body, I believe I got an implant at the binding. She never leaves or her machines never leave. I believes she uses remote viewing. She has destroyed one computer and is constantly trying to freeze me on the screeen on the orange light goes on – I pray and then it stops for awhile. She is always in my third eye, ears, throat, solar plexes. If she wants to get “even with me” she tightens my throat. She at one time came through as a thought” that if I say anything I better have a lot of protection” So I may be dead soon. I pray but can”t figure out how she connects to my thoughts other than the Radionics Machine, other machines being used, Reiki and ? I believe at the binding she got some DNA from me and she knows my astrological history because of a “free reading” she was doing for me. Inever agreed to anything but I did read the first pages of her e=mails. I don”t want to go the machine route to protect me. I opened up myself with tooooooo many New Age classes, etc. I am trying to find my way back to Jesus and going the Christian way. I believe the difference with the New Age teachings and Jesus teachings is: Jesus has done it all for us and is still doing it all for us! In the New Age teachings you think you are the God and responsible for your own redemption. It is a choice between Heaven and Hell. Jesus in the onlt way. Read the Bible to see what it says. Also, re: people that believe that by ignoring the fact that” judgement” will come and determined not to believe it that it won”t happen. The Bible definately says this is not true. Sara goes on “Karma”. When Jesus died on the cross he did way with the Law. I am learning about putting “The Blood of Jesus” on situations and believe this helps. Also, evertime I go to church for a healing my “circulation” has suffered. I knoww it is from her harassement and I can feel her “tightening my chest”. SO I am sure that she is into her revenge at the moment and somehow reading me. How I don”t know but I can feel her getting ready to pounce on me. All of this is true and I ask God to protect me from her and her constant harassement. I hope that if someone else is going through something they will feel “not alone”. Because no one believes you. J

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