Sarah Hughey – Belleville, Michigan Michigan


This vile being has been guilty of sleeping with her exes, even though they have other relationships.. And her fanily knows about it, and helps her be a whore..Sarah has 3 different babies, from 3 different fathers, and is currently working on #4 (whom she moved into her parents home WITH her 3 kids after meeting him on tinder!)! She slept with her daughter’s father after she found out he was getting married. She slept with her son’sĀ father when she found out his girlfriend was pregnant, and again after they were planning a wedding! Thankfull,y her son’s father and finacee got counseling and are getting married, and her daughter’s father is still married, despite her efforts.. This nasty, fat, bird nose skank keeps trying to prove something to herself and others.. But the only thing She is proving is that she is a control freak and will never get over her exes! I feel sorry for her exe’s wives that they have to deal with her for the rest of their lives! Hide your men, ladies; Obviously men in Wayne county don’t have standards.

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