Sarah Marie Bodine Altamonte Springs, Florida Florida


This all happened right after my boyfriend of 3 years and I moved down to Florida. We were meeting all kinds of new people to hang out with. This || girl Sarah and I clicked right away. Best friends who hung out almost every day and told each other everything.  She even took me to get my nails done with her when I was broke. || My boyfriend and I broke up February 5th. Two weeks later I find out she is 6 weeks pregnant and says its Marty’s. I was devastated at the time but a few weeks before she was telling me about her sleeping with her douchebag ex-boyfriend who forced her to get an abortion the last time she got pregnant with him. I spoke to Marty’s mom a month later and she said the date they first slept together didn’t add up to what she was saying. He left her and came back to me. After much discussion and begging on his part we got back together. || It’s been over a year now. She had the baby and no child support has been filed against Marty, but she still swears up and down to everyone it’s his. She calls him a deadbeat dad etc. I blame them both for sleeping together but she was my friend. She was the one giving me relationship advice while she was sleeping with my man. That is a truly awful person and a true homewrecker.

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