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About a year ago, I ordered a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes from Sassy Cute. They advertise that the shoes are authentic designer shoes. The shoes came from China, and the shoes that arrived were too large and did not fit. I realized that they were not authentic, I was fine with that since I did pay less than what it would originally cost. However, the shoe did not fit. nI called the number on the website to let them know I want to return the shoes because they did not fit and were too large. I talked to Evan Patterson, who handles their returns. Told him my situation and he stated that he would send me a smaller size and to return the shoe I have. I returned the shoes I had , only to received the same shoes again. nI again called to let them know that I received the same shoes that do not fit. Evan gave me the sad story that he will do whatever to make my situation better, stating that he did not want to lose me as a customer. Told me to return the shoes which I did again. He offered to make an even exchange, told him I was fine with that and I then let him know what I wanted to exhange it for ,never did get a response from him. nI continued to call to speak with him and he keep giving me excuses that its on it way, I will be receiving a refund. I became very frustrated and decided that after 6 months of dealing with him, I was not going anywhere. Only then to find out that Master Card/Visa give their cardholders 6 months to file a complaint, after that they do not investigate any claims. nThe website only takes, MC and Visa and are aware that they will keep you waiting till 6 months when you no longer have a chance to get your money returned. I never received my money, nor did I get a pair of shoes. They did however, get their shoes and money. After this, I research the company and others have experienced the same situation. Beware of this website, it also has other site, such as,,, and

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