Satin ‘N Lace Shop south beloit Illinois Review


An order was placed with this company on April 1, 2003 and it was processed in a very timely manner. My confirmation email came within 3 hrs of the order being placed. My money was deducted from my bank account within three days – all $240 – I still have not received any of the items ordered and it has been 38 days now. nI gave them the benefit of the doubt because the confirmation email stated that the order would be shipped within 5-28 days. On about the 24th day(approx April 24th)I emailed to find out what the status of the order was since I had heard nothing. I got no reply from that email and sent another one a week later. nA week ago I sent another email to both their customer service email addy as well as the owner Mike’s email and last Wednesday, April 30, 2003 I finally got a response from Mike. The entire email stated “Thank you so much for your email and your patience. We did receive it and will look into your inquiry right away.”” and that was the only time I heard from the store and Mike and nothing since then as well. nToday

May 8

2003 I finally decided that I would spend even more of my money and call them long distance to speak directly to someone. I called prior to the supposed store hours and had to wait until they opened and according to the answering machine/voice mail it stated that the office was open at noon so I waited to call at that time to request info on my order. I called a little after noon

maybe about 15 after and the answering machine was still picking up their calls. nWhen I was not able to speak to someone I then decided to see if there was anything on the internet that I could find out about the company as the mesage on the machine was very hard to understand as to their exact street address. I found this website at that time and found numerous Ripoff Scamss regarding this store/company. Once I saw those I then contacted the city hall to see if they had any information regarding this store since they supposedly had a physical storefront to shop in. That woman knew nothing and referred me to the court house to see if anyone there had any information. At the court house the person I spoke with

the court administrator told me that she passes this store on her way to work daily and that it was indeed an actual store but said that possibly I need to call the police department to see if they have any info on them. At the time she was telling me this she saw a supervisor of the detectives and quickly asked him if he was aware of any problems with this store. nThe supervisor gave me the name of a detective that had an open investigation about this store and told me to call him after 2pm when he would come in to work. I did speak with this detective and he stated that he had at least 10 complaints regarding this store within the last week alone. He took all my information regarding my order and told me that he would go over there this evening and speak to Mike and see what his excuse was on this order this time. He said that normally when he speaks to him regarding an order the money is refunded quickly after he gets the similar story of not having something in stock to complete the order and needing to wait for it to come in or something. I explained that after finding as many complaints online today

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