Saturn Systems Software Engineering Review


This individual, Bob Stein, would call multiple times daily, and even contacted family members. Moreover, lawsuits were threatened on a regular basis if payment was not made in full. He would then accept payment in an amount than did not satisfy the balance, and then repeat his threatning demands shortly thereafter while saying “payment for less than the full amount can not be accepted.” This individual also would not provide any information in writing, and would only interact with me by calling from a restricted phone number. On numerous occasions, he denied saying things that he said, and would suggest that said something different. Not entirely sure how this individual is able to operate as a legitimate business, or if it even is a legitimate business since all I could seem to find on the company was a website from the 1980s talking about how his revolutionary and intellectually challenging phone call business took him from a one bedroom shante to living in his current Colorado mansion. .

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