Savanah Lawson – Your welcome North Dakota


This little skeeze will have sex with anyone and everyone , she doesn’t care if you are married or in a relationship, a friend of mine had been in a relationship and had kids with her then boyfriend and he went to minot to do some work , well he was out at a bar and met this skanky little skeeze, he told her he was breaking up with my friend , well he wasn’t and it was a lie , anyways she found out that wasn’t the case and STILL kept messing around with my friends then man, she was doing everything in her power to get in between them and was told she’s nasty , but that was by another person , anyways she was convincing and convincing him to not be with my friend and giving him sex and etc. The whole point of this is she’s a slimy little sleezed up ho. “Horse toothed skank” don’t trust this 1tch around your man even if she says she’s “just friends” with him , that’s never the case with her !

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