Save our Oceans Åsele Västerbotten Review


They “sell”” good looking items for “”cheap”” prices and the money goes to something good. But no. You pay for a piece of junk

that mostly

is broken when arrives. If it arrives. Many people won’t even get their orders and the company won’t refound the money. They offer a gift carf for a discount or a free item off their site. I’ve been trying to get my money back for a “”free”” necklace. But they refuse to. I’ve also read a lot of people getting scamed by these people. Please read more on this link: I’ve also encountered their other site Dog Pawty

that seems to offer items meant for dog owners. But it’s all the same. The website is even built the same way. Trying to find their contact adress on their site ain’t possible. Only an email for “”customer service”” that’s ain’t answering anyone. All I’ve gotten are “”copy-paste”” replies. In other words

an automatic reply. Please stop these people from stealing more money of people!”

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